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Principle Personnel’s history lies within the Industrial sector of the Recruitment Industry and to this day still continues to dominate our client base. Even though as a company we have evolved into new areas, including Driving, Commercial, and Managed Services, our core business has always remained Industrial. Our success in this field is due to our ability to recruit with a client’s needs in mind and being able to match the prospective candidate to the job criteria.

Unlike many agencies, we believe in working with our temporary workers, as much as our clients, and matching their expectations to the job roles that suit their working background best (We supply various roles from machine operators, assembly workers, bench hands, picker and packers, to site labourers and refuse collectors. We will also source more qualified staff if requested):

• We have strict, high checks and standards to ensure only the best people work for us (e.g. Undergoing a basic English and Maths test and filling out a medical questionnaire is required)

• We will put each temporary worker through a thorough, roughly, twenty minute interview

industrial recruitment

"Constantly, we’re striving to improve our service and work closely alongside our clients to achieve the above"

Regularly, we have meetings and always like to observe the environment that we are potentially immersing our staff in so we can give prospective candidates an in depth description of the assignment, including all that the particular job entails. As a result of doing this, we aim for the outcome that the candidate is happy with the assignment and also capable of fulfilling it successfully. However, we also pride ourselves on being truthful at all times; if you ask us to supply a contract that we do not feel we can do justice, we will reject it because as a company we want to express that it is important to admit that every company has limitations that they have to acknowledge and respect so they can still uphold strong and consistent services. Although, we would exhaust our resources before coming to such a final decision.

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